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Brainwashed Follower

JEFF: Yo yo hey man ain't you guys um Plug One? Plug Two?

Potholes in my Lawn? You're those weird guys De La Soul right?

DOVE: Yeah what's up little man how you feeling I'm Dove how you


POS: Yo what's up man my name is Pos.

MASE: What's up I'm Mase. Yo shorty what's your name?

JEFF: Oh my name? Jeff. You guys are walking? Now rappers ain't

supposed to walk.

POS: Sorry little man, but you know...

JEFF: Jeff. I told you, my name is Jeff. If you guys are rappers,

where's your dukey gold chains? Y'all don't have no dukey gold chains.

MASE: We don't wear gold chains, we'd rather spend our money on

more important things like, women, necessities...

DE LA SOUL: And video games!

JEFF: Y'all are crazy. No chains, dag. Okay, where's your BMW?

You're not supposed to walk. Where's your jeeps, your Maximas?

DOVE: Maximas? Yo, Maxin' would break my flow. And with the cause of

gas, Jeff man, I'd rather take the transit that's mass.

JEFF: What you say? You are C-R-A-Z-E-E. Crazee. Don't you know you

can't be def if you don't have no gold? Or a car, man? What's up?

MASE: Who told you that?

JEFF: Everybody who's def has gold, cars, money, girls, clothes...

MASE: Wait a minute, wait a minute, shorty, you're buggin'. Do you


Plug Tunin' and


JEFF: Yeah that song's def.

POS: But we don't wear no gold chains, nor do we ride BMW's and

Maxes or Jeeps, yet you still think our music is def, right? Wait a

minute. Did I say 'def'?


JEFF: What?

POS: Nothing, nothing. It's just that we don't deal with all that

materialistic stuff, but we still got what it takes to please and

supply our listeners, understand my man?

JEFF: Where's your beepers? Why don't you have beepers? Everybody

wears beepers. You have to have beepers to look down.

MASE: AAAUUGHHH! Little man is brainwashed indeed!

DOVE: Nah, nah. Beepers are the least of status situators, man. Plus

I find them ugly as parking tickets.

JEFF: You guys talk funny.

POS: Well actually our verbal is kinetic, so when released flow A to

Z is perfectly pitched in andvance in intricacy.

JEFF: Yeah you homeboys are really bugged.

POS: Wait a minute. Did he say...

MASE: Bugged?


JEFF: So no car, no beepers, no gold. That's weak man, that's weak.

DOVE: Jesus, did he say 'weak?' Jesus, they never learn.

POS: Foolish mind, have I, have I.

MASE: Actin' like that lady!

DE LA SOUL: That lady!

POS: Peace, my brother

De La Soul

Brainwashed Follower / De La Soul

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