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Big Brother Beat

Featuring Mos Def]

Ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha ha

Ha! Ha ha ha ha

Ah ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha!!

Intro/Chorus: De La + Mos Def

Now this goes out to all area clicks

Centralized and way out in the sticks

Remember to keep the De La/De La/Native Tongue

in the mix

Just like log cabin syrup my sound is game thick

Now this goes out to all area clicks

From manicured lawns to projects bricks/bricks/from 718 to the 51-6

Remember to keep the Mos Def/Native Tongue

in the mix

Straight butter hits, drop as a good as it gets/gets/straight butter


Verse One: Mos Def, Dove, Posdonus

Now, come on y'all, get live get down

What we have is a brand new sound

So don't none of y'all just be misled

The De La's gonna do the body good like wheat bread

Shakin laces out of shoes, Mos Def bought the brews

Sittin indian squats to make that red tie knots

See I'm out to get the corn like in them rainbow pots

Swingin life like a hammock, invested like stocks

Via sinus complex, I aims to clog it up

Snappin by the pain as a crew hear the gain

We remain on your mind like skulls, not a golem

I'ma show it in the house all perimeters are blown

Native Tongue come through to make you say yes yes

This is the body Mos Def style fresh like baby breath

We are the killer combination with the size to administer

the beatdown to swell up all three of your eyes


Now check it out, and ya don't stop

We got the big brother beat, ya don't stop

(repeat 2X)

Verse Two: Mos Def, Posdonus, Dove

I don't bug out I chill, don't be actin ill

No trick in ninety-six, Native Tongue gon build

But we be easy on the cut, no mistakes allowed

Cause to me, MC mean, make it clean

When I speak on groups and I'm smooth like gabba D

Tryin to hang out with Dove and catch love in Aberdine (word up)

I bag dimes like my man born on August 17

Life be nuttin but a river son I'm swimmin upstream

Playin wait up, with the data servin your ears

with information due to confirmation of the nation's most

wicked ways of livin, like them glassy eyed beans

Inhale to smoke the fiends, while bangin a table

Rated at the high point of the mass

Rippin MC's at the top of a class, occasionally

rippin some sucker's face

Or some suckable ass from a girl

It's a big brother beat for the wide wide world

I'm makin memos off these demos back in eighty-nine

Took you all on encounters of an unknown kind (right)

Did the hustle with a couple of us, but soon noted

That my niggaz buttered Benedict rolls, and then voted

I wrote in the dark so I could feel it like braille (uh-huh)

Heard the big brother beat, got locked with no bail

Came to set like equators invented, with the heat

Yo Mos Def how you radiate to make it complete

RIGHT *echoes*, so when I shine the light crabs wince

Manifestin for the future here in the present tense

No doubt, I love the sound biggin out off your Jeeps

Son I want the little kids bangin big brother beats


We straight butter hits, we straight butter hits

Perfecta, perfecta

(repeat 3X)

Word up

De La Soul

Big Brother Beat / De La Soul

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