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Some Lines About A Lovesong

Love songs, I used to hate that shit

But I find out, just bit by bit

They're stupid, silly, but they're true

So many cliches I never knew

Most love songs, they really suck

Boring stories filled with bad luck

But damn man, every word is right

All that shit about loneliness in the night

Let's face it, we all need that someone

A real true friend that we can count on

And that's what love songs are about

This emotion we can't live without

But still, most love songs, they are fake

Too much whining, more than I can take

So I'm not gonna write that stuff

Those lyrics are true but we have 'm enough

These are some lines about a love song

It's just another love song to hate

These are just some lines about a thing called

Love songs, I found it out

I understand what they're all about

I thought love stood for pathetic weakness

But passion fills me when we kiss

You know, it's not the love songs I disgust

It's the sly dog singers I don't trust

They warble and they look too smooth

A phoney smile in a rich man's suit

Sometimes, I wanna write one

A love song for that special someone

Words about this pain and pleasure

Two hearts searching for a treasure

But I prefer to write about

Things we don't like to say out loud

So love songs, it's alright with me

Most suck but are true that's what I plea

Some Lines About A Lovesong /

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