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Seize The Day


De Heideroosjes - Seize The Day


Sweat all over my body

Im moving on the floor

The music in my ears, nothing to fear for

A smile on my face, Im moshing this place


Teachers, preachers get out of my way

I wanna have fun, I seize the day!

My mom said, Boy Im scared to death

All that violent dancing, its not good for your head

But mom I tell you: after a week fuckin?school

Diving and slamming is really cool


No time for talking, no time for a drink

Lets have some fun, yes thats what I think

Far away from wars and school

My parents think what a fool

But I know mine, having fun means feeling fine


I know there is so much shit in this world

But dont be down and depressed

Stand up and try to make the best

Think about the pleasure things in life

Come on the stage and lets dive!


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