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Klapvee !

Kill your mommy, fuck your dog

I don't care, take a frog

God is dead and who are you?

You tell lies, you aren't true

Watch TV and fall asleep

Bono is Hitler, Chirac a creep

Life is short so live it fast

Try to be good, better, best

Everything for ourselfish and nothing for free

That's the way that it is, it always will be!

Walking left or take the right

Both ways awake a fight

Go ahead or come back

Don't leave the followed track

No end, no light of day

Always someone you betray

Shake a hand or make a fist

Your message will be missed

Give a smile or always cry

You are wrong untill you die

Hate the black, kills the whites

Illusion of the equal rights

Women are hookers, men are gay

Everybody is wrong, except me

I'm your hero, i'm your God

Shut up sucker, smoke your pot

Kill the world and kill yourself

Don't rely on no one else

Hit a child, molest a kid

No matter what, make it fit

You're a bitch and i'm a creep

Together we are falling deep

I hate your face and you hate mine

Our lives ain't worth a dime

Klapvee ! /

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