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Jerry Rules In The Land Of The Free

Oh my God what do I see?

Is this what they called 'the land of the free'

Where a he turns out to be a she

But where I can't say 'fuck' live on t.v.?

Oh my God what did I see?

It's a bunch of rednecks live on t.v.

People don't worry, Jerry has the key

Join and destroy your family

Jerry rules in the land of the free

The king, the God of American TV

Oh my God, what drugs is he on?

How long does it take to find such a moron?

And while the audience shouts 'Jerry, Jerry'

They got fooled by a woman called Jim Carrey

Oh my dear, this show is a thrill

Is that Hillary who beats the shit out of Bill?

If you really show us U.S. society today

I'd best call Saddam "send bombs rightaway!"

Jerry Rules In The Land Of The Free /

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