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After the Game of Love

Let me sing to you

Why are we here like this?

I don't know, too many drinks and a kiss?

Male and female, what is there to do?

That's right, the beasty rendezvous

You wanna go Greco-Roman style?

To meet your needs I'll even run a mile

Be prepared, we're gonna have some fun

And the time has come

Round One!


Come on

Here we go, here we go




After the game of love baby

All I wanna do is be lazy

Stay in bed like we don't care

What's up outside

After the game of love baby

You know you're drivin' me crazy

Between the sheets

Just you and me

Hey baby, what did ya think of that?


You want some more?


Hey ref, if there is one, that is

Ring that bell for us

Round Two!

After the Game of Love /

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