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Duel Madness

Gotta find a way just to play just a little game

Got a compulsion wanna be a champion

Gotta feel the heart, gotta be smart, play the card

Gotta get inside the mind of my counterpart! Yeah!

Got the key, I'm two split personalities

Duel Sensation that's my destiny!

I got!

Chorus: Duel Madness! In my brain!

Monster influence in my veins!

Gotta find a way inside this fantasy

Holographic dueling monster reality

Gotta find a way, gotta see my strategy!

I'm Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm a duel duality!


(Crowd roars)

Yami Yuugi: Will Yuugi control the power,

or will the power control Yuugi?

You got a card face down, face up now, show down!

Say da words out loud! Duel Madness!


Sick-a-pow, sick-a-pow, sick-a-sick-a-pow-pow,

wanna do, wanna do, what I wanna wanna do!

(repeat 4x with chorus. fade to end)

DC talk

Duel Madness / DC talk

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