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Man against man just ain't the plan

It's time for god's people to take a stand

I mean brother to brother, black to white

Stand up to the problem and begin to fight

Not against each other, you're wastin' time

Yo, i'm referring to a battle of minds

Not through debate or writin' on the walls

This kinda action is delayin' the cause

An eye for an eye, fight fire with fire

It's our turn to take it one step higher

Gotta live by example, show brotherly love

We're together on earth, we'll be together above

So we're


Tearin' down the walls

Of segregation

Unity abroad

New revelation

Tearin' down the walls

Of segregation

Unity abroad

In every nation

To label churches by color ain't nothin' but wrong

We're in the same crew, we're singin' one song

If you're in god's army, that makes you my kin

Yo, our common bond is the father of men

Of all attributes that we should possess

Love is in the word ahead of all the rest

No negotiation to love a certain nation

All means all, with no discrimination

Boy, we can set a precedence the world can cop

Yo, fellow believer, now's the time to stop

Racism within our lines

Today is the time for this love to shine

So we're

(repeat chorus)


Judge a man by his heart, not color of skin

God views a man from what's held within

And, you're called one of his, so you gotta know

To be christ-like is the way that you go

And my brothers and sisters in one accord

Yo, we're the sheep, and the shepherd's the lord

So whether black sheep, white sheep, or even swirl

God watches over all the sheep of the world

So tell me whassup when ya know the command

The word's bold, "love your fellow man!"

And treat him like you would treat yourself

Pull brotherly love off ya dusty shelf

(repeat chorus 3x)

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