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Voices Praise Him


Praise Him

Praise Him

Voices raisin'

Praise Him

Praise Him

Voices raisin'

Praise Him, my friend, cause He sits on high

He's the Lord God almighty so don't ask why

Just worship Him, adore Him, and sing this praise

Ignite it, don't fight it, light it, leave it ablaze

Let it burn in your heart, stir in your soul

Proclaim honor to the Father as your lifelong goal

So sing allelujah and let the Word ring

Praise Him, voices raise Him as we worship the king

(Repeat Chorus)

When we praise, we raise the mighty name of the king

We're born again, ya'll, we gotta song to sing

He died, He's our guide, and we call Him Christ

A man, a hill, a cross and a price

The King of Kinds, Rose of Sharon, the Savior of men

The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End

The sure Lord of Lords, the Creator on high,

Praise Him, voices raisin' as it rings in the sky

(Repeat Chorus)

Praise, let's raise the roof tonight

We're children of the Lord, we're soldiers of the light

Rejoice, let's voice His name on high

For He has given all of us the gift of life


Let everything that hath breath

Praise Him

Praise Him

In one accord unto the Lord

Praise Him

Allelu, do the do and begin to rejoice

Sing aloud, ya'll, make a joyful noise

Young David used to rave it when he played on his harp

He wrote the Psalms, a book of songs from His heart

Two thousand years later still a craze to praise

Notta phase, stand amazed at the infinite blaze

It's eternal, that's a fact, and I use rap

To bring glory mandatory cause the king will be back

(Repeat Chorus)

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Voices Praise Him / DC talk

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