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Time Ta Jam

I'm DC Talk and I'd like to say

I rock the mic in a kickin' way

With a def track from Valet Beat

I know it's hard to keep from movin' your feet

So hyper fundi, don't be dismayed

Check out the lyrics when the record is played

Not a borderline tune but I got a case

Of puttin' God's Word right up in your face

You see D's for Decent, and you will agree

Quite explicit yet rated G

Because I rhyme hard, I speak facts

No need to curse when I bust a rap

And C for Christian, 'cause that's what I am

Not a soft sissy, I know how to jam

Pack a party for the Father above

Intense rhymes tell of ultimate love

Talk is for the lyrics, they're full of Spirit

If you are atheistic, you better fear it

They're from the Word, you ain't heard

It's my decision that your vision is blurred

So come on rap fans, clap your hands

Take a stand for the Lamb, it's Time Ta Jam

And remember... keep praisin' the Lord, deep servin' the Lord

DC talk

Time Ta Jam / DC talk

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