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Hey, yo, yo, t. what's up man?

Why don't you tell em that story

About how you went back in the day

In the hip hop day, ya know what i'm sayin

Yeah, tell 'em that story, man

We're gonna go back to the basics

Of the hip hop scene

Just a loop and some lyrics and a mike

Ya know what i mean?

I was just a mere child in

The capital of the nation

When i heard 'sugar hill'

On my favorite station

I dropped all i was doin'

Took a train to the city

To douglas records and the wizz

'rappers delight' was the ditty

No scritty for my palitty, no pop for my cicle

And since that day, i was never ever fickle

[ahhhh yeah, yo that was smooth t

That was smooth, that real real smooth

I like that story...]

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