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Final Days

When I walk through this world livin' day to day

I see the people, hear what they have to say

Take a look at the ethics, morals, and goals

Makin' gods outta men that rock 'n roll

Like Sodom and Gomorrah, this world will fall

Total destruction, destiny of all

Who have mocked the name of Jesus, the Savior and Lord

In the battle of Armageddon and a two-edged sword

Satan in a day he will never forget

When the King hurls him into the bottomless pit

So keep you eyes on the Lord, don't follow human ways

Cause it's written in the Word, these are the final days


Final days

Change your ways

Final days

The final days is what my song's about

Words so intense I might have to shout

Some might play hard and say I'm wack

But I'm talkin' bout truth not egomaniac

And as long as they listen, they won't be disin

Cause rappin' final days is a serious mission

Just so they learn, I will stand stern

I hope my words make ya start to churn

I'm concerned with the life that you're livin' now

Your ego's so bad that ya can't even bow

To the Master of all, Creator of creation

I'm talkin' 'bout God, no misinterpretation

Rappin' hard for the one who deserves the best

Speakin' rhymes that will try and put your heart to test

Don't stop and stare me down with that b-boy haze

Get busy, these are the final days

(Repeat Chorus)

The words of my rap are not what you think

But so secure I suggest you take 'em to the bank

Or better yet take these words to heart

Don't wait until tomorrow, now's the time to start

I'm not askin' for your money or rappin' for a fee

Think upon the words is my only plea

Cause this son's about to end, your time is runnin' thin

And now that my time is up, it's time for you to begin

To do this job is my only request

A basic rap exam puts MC's to test

Spread these words like a fire ablaze

Cause I'm tellin' ya we're livin' in the final days

(Repeat Chorus)

DC talk

Final Days / DC talk

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