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It Aint For Play

(Verse 1-JT The Bigga Figga)

I'm been tryin to get it for so long up in this rap game

Pushin and grindin, movin tapes to get my stack mayn

Lovin it, shit get thick you know we thuggin it

Put our hands in the money playa you know we bubblin

Tycoonin, tryin to get 'em to see me vision

Focus the homies on freedom instead of prison

All the shit that goes on, I have you goin schizo

Make a playa think he supposed to be up on the sixth flo'

New cousin, ain't nothin flopped from bein locked up

Earn the stripes on the block, gettin yo self popped up, imagine that

Start grindin in 2000 when police set up shop in every ghetto public housin

Cameras in the steering wheels even when you be pissin

Rocks in your looks start havin niggaz is snitchin

Slippin off the cocaine, blunts, and Remy Martin

In the projects nigga we start beef in the apartments

(Chorus X2-JT The Bigga Figga)

I got a nine in my pocket when released again

Gold on my neck my debts close in hand

What you say-it ain't for play

What you say what you say-it ain't for play

(Verse 2)

(Telly Mac)

Man you got to get, before you claim the click

I know you wanna get the chips in this change for bricks

We in a mix like craze and friend, case the plan

From the street to the studio we move weight for brands

Thanks to fans, now my click stands with authority

We put it on the map from Fillmoe to Morrissey

Put one-three I'm puttin you through this surgin

I'm West Coast splurgin, techs mo' burnin

We bad boys servin a verse and for hard earnin

I ain't tryin to teach, but I'm hopin ya'll learnin

The world turnin nigga, and it ain't for play

For the Y2K, Get Low take over the Bay

If you in the way, you be

It Aint For Play /

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