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Simple Wish


A simple wish can get you killed and get you gone like this

Just put that pistol in his mouth and you won't ever miss

A simple wish is all I need and thats gone do the job

Get you set up get you wet up like the fucking mob

A simple wish from my lips left his bones broken

A simple rock from my hands got his mom smoking

A simple wish fuck with this and you gone pay the price

My niggas busting at your ass like we the fucking vice

I wish to kill him

I wish I had the stress to fill him

I wish this damn fool fell on his ass and dont nobody feel him

I wish your old man would walk up and blast your ass

I wish your dick was your face and your head your ass

You just a wish away from dying so stop lying

And all them haters trying to live you can stop trying

Just wishing that this Dayton gang could reveal the truth

Like Ali said I fight that ass in a phone booth

A simple wish and I know that's all you fakers took

A simple wish and your whole fucking block is shook

A simple wish and you gone have to do some thinking

Looking stupid while your motherfucking ship was sinking

I wish that you was in the street when i was in my car

I wish that you hadnt got shot while you was at the bar

So when you see that nigga scream dont you get missed

Cause all it takes to fuck you up is a simple wish

Sometimes I wish you bitches would quit playing on my phone

What the fuck do you wish?

I wish I never snorted cocaine but my consience says that's wrong

Don't stop on the block with your glock and I wish

And I wish I never lost my oldest cousin from my rivals slug

My wishes don't come true sometimes so I'm hoping for another one

Make a simple wish


I kn

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