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Are U Ready 4 Us



Three 6 Mafia

Hooked up with the motherfuckin' Dayton Family

Are ya'll ready for us

Bring the pain

Bitch ya'll ain't ready for us

Miphia style

Flip Time


Rollin' like dees

Smoke the trees bitch

Chorus x2

We mafia is it too much (We mafia mafia mafia ya)

Are you ready for us (We mafai mafia mafia ya)

Cause it's the 1990 Triple 6 2000


Mixtures of sin and gin on sight

Cut the wings off an angel

On both sides

I'm suin'


All them suckas

State your last name first

Meyers, Michael

Lord is killin'

Three 6 killin'

What else will I say

Even children

Probably don't give a fuck if you are naughty or nice

At night


Good bye, lights out

(Juicy J)

Can you feel me

Can you hear me

Did you pick the scene

A lot of fools done fucked around town

Showed up in your dreams

Standin' in a hideaway

Inferred, them guns spray

Gotcha shakin'

Gotcha nervous

Knowin' not how to get away

Lookin' out the window pane

Cause all your gonna feel is pain

In your yard I see a tree

I also see your body hang

See the phone

Pick it up

The wire that is only cut

I meant to pray

Your still gonna die

Too late bitch

Your time is up

Chorus x4

(Dayton Family)

What the fuck you wanna do

Be a victim of my homicide

If you try to jack

I'll leave you dead head in the g ride

And creep up out my vehicle

And continue my jack move

Still gat under the dirt

Now put it up in your hand

Now ai

Are U Ready 4 Us /

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