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Stick N Move


{Bootleg}I got some bad news for you Tony.

{Tony}Whut choo got?

{Bootleg}We lost the whole shipment.

{Tony}Whut you mean?

{Bootleg}We lost the whole shipment. The Columbian Drug Cartel

intercepted the whole


{Tony}Those fuckin' guys every fuckin' time that happens! I

told you fuckaz to Stick N Move N get tha fuck outta there.

I see lots of people gots to die tonight fuck (Fading).

(Bootleg) Part 2, 19 muthafuckin 96, Bootleg tha

muthafuckin' rap Kapone, Ghetto E, & my nigga Shoestring, gonna

Stick N Move & bust up yo ass fo' tha 9 6

My memories get haunted by events in tha past, had an outlet to

be free from dirty visions at last. A brothaz out here stalking,

but bitch you aint no. I've been poppin' window panes, my brain

aint tha same no more, movin' just like a criminal, but my mind

still carries me. I'm seeing the bloody images of tha tools that

bury me. Skeletons they walk with me, while holding my right hand.

My mother be weepin' N cryin' while I box with a deadman. Loc

tha AK, spot a family & kill 'em all. Take a butcher knife, &

spill some blood on tha fuckin' wall. Murder, you bitches better

understand, fuck a plan, bring tha bitches down right where they

stand. If you ever do that again, I wouldn't advice you to. 44

is good to go when I'm busting caps at fools. Takin' you hoes to

school. The books N desks, no crooks or police sketch. You bitch

& no arrest. You can try yo muthafuckin' best to stop a villian

on a killing spree. I'm living it so fuckin' hard & so easy.

Murder to tha first degree, gotta represent dividend, president,

flint, is sweet to me like peppermint. You'll never find my

fingerprints, so watch me getaway, murder victom, killer though,

free to strike another day. Hurryed to runaway, to get some Yahjl

back where I stay, tha fedz are like mosquitos in tha alley way.

I'm goin' to tha thang, take tha pain, cuz I'm a ghetto champ.

Steal a quarter, & my whole neighborhood is like a prison camp,

food stamps & drug dealz is all a nigga know. Strut & Kokane,

got me addicted nigga pass tha blow. Pass that. Grab my glock

to make my getaway smooth. Close your eyez, no surprise, bitch

boom. Stick N Move...

CHORUS Mov'n N Mov'n out, take that cocaine out your house,

sight that any. Here no evil see no evil, bitch N I done got away.

Mov'n N Mov'n out, take that cocaine out your house, sight that any.

Here no evil, see no evil, bit

(Shoestring) Gangsta from tha streets. Muthafucka

dont make me bust ya, buck ya down. Quick to bury your ass &

then I bust some, whut tha fuck you quick to put it down N away.

Silencers be equipped so muthafucka there be no sound today.

Bring you to war, so playa haters lock ya door. AK 47 locstas

case up off tha floor. Riddlin' bout not can bout all tha stashes.

3 killaz with masses, all we leave is ashes. Take ya shit &

dashes, move away in tha caskats, fo' a murder got me breakin'

out in rashes. So we can reach N feel your ass, like hoes reachin'

fo' ya clothes, ain't no rump fo' ya toes. People with ammo is

creepin' down my block, str8'n with a glock, followed by a hollow

point shot. Betta watch yo aaass, a killaz creepin' up from tha

past, finger fast, & you be seein' fuckin' last. I'm a killa, so

dont fuck with this Grim Reaper, gonna go peep her, don't wanna

hit you with this street sweeper. Down where I'm callin, niggaz

sellin' now you swellin'. Put it on them bitches, cuz they always

tellin'. Click tha stick, so we be screamin' Fuck-A-lot, little

state which you aint never saw from tha straw. So whut tha fuck

us hustlaz thinkin? Drinkin? Thinkin? Been thinkin better fuck

your mutha. Fuck that nigga with Shoestring. Slap it across your

hands & watch ya screamin' my polos bloody, my case was lookin'

kinda muddy. Stub with this bald head, fuck you dred, leave you

dead, thru tha swamp. I'm so high, bitchin, tension, still kickin'

slim shit. S to tha H to tha O-E String 96 puttin' trix playin'

duece with dicks off that ass. So skutch me as I drop my grooves

as I pop that clip nigga lots. Stick N Move...


(Ghetto E) Ughhh, rat a tat to tha tat, I'm gonna

take him out his misery. Put his ass in a box & leave him as a

memory. See when you sleep, that's when we creep. Get on your

toes, knock you off your feet, damn, beep, N damn I peep. then

I know him or I, so I got him. Master Mass took my shit, then I

shot him. Left him bloody with no money. Cut his pocket, cocked,

seen his head, dropped it, popped it. Now I was rollin' like a

muthafuckin' bowling ball. Who's 10 whut? I'm sending him to tha

graveyard. Time to play, Eric Dorseys on another mission, I called

him Tony, Cody's in tha kitchen. Them niggaz talkin', conversation

on tha phone. Killa gone grabbed my chrome, I'm in his home.

That get it gone, put him in a headlock till I heard him choke.

So I used my kane, whip & slit his throat. Jody Jody's dead, now

this shit is smooth. Makin' money to get paid, Eric Dorseys on

tha move.


Stick N Move /

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