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Real With This

1997 Dayton Avenue always was true nigga

ain't shit changed this onehere for Bootleg and Backstabber

nigga Dayton Avenue don't shit go round to round

Nickle plated you hated

AK blastin assassin

You debated and waited

And now your shit is unfastened

I can't be trusted or dusted

Cause I'm a motherfuckin killa

On the for reala my nigga

I be creepin like the Riddler

Thinkin bout back in the days

Passin blunts and AKs

My people's a posse black punk

So like a blunt you get blazed

Betta pull your glock, cause I'll be pullin it from the side nigga

Before you open your eyes and realize you've been shot nigga

Leavin niggas bloody is the nuttiest that you read about

Talk your shit and cross the click and get yo bitch ass knocked out

Cause we don't give a fuck about where you from

So motherfuck yo rep

You can get yo shit blown off

If you just take another step

Can't you feel the power

Stands the tower with the chrome piece

??? like a beast got you slippin like you slidin on grease

Represent Dayton Avenue but bitches its a Dayton thang

The Rap Capone was gone now he's home and free and makin change

Rollin through yo city

See that's the way it shoul've been

Not to say it wasn't

But you boys ain't no could've beens

??? from the hardknocks survival is the struggle

Crooked as the Joker or juggler when he juggles

So don't you underestimate the wrath of the blood bath

F-L-I-N-T, that be creepin on Dayton Ave

Bang to the boogie of the motherfuckin punches

Been ridin on these and them hoes come in bunches

All up on my snakeskin the game I shoot is drastic

I been in this shit for 10 years and now I'm rollin classic

So hoarse that shit you talkin bout and we can squash the drama

Nigga shed tears cause I'm all up in his baby mama

Fuckin gave me game and bitches I can kill with this

D-A-Y-T-O-N-A-V-E is comin real with this

Chorus: (Repeat 2X)

Real with this, real with this always comin real with this

Niggas from the Ave kill with this to get real with this

Real with this, real with this always comin real with

Niggas from the Ave kill with this, deal with this realness


Gang related you hated, AK blastin assassin

Tried to run but got caught, caught with yo Nike's unfastened

Playa hated and waited, you searched for death and you found it

Tried to run and get help, found out yo spot was surrounded

Adversaries a victim, of gunplay where I stay

I refused to be murdered, the rules of death I obey

Twist a ??? smoke em all, lets have a ball when we kill them

Real With This /

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