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I'm wakin up in the mornin, with problems on my mind

Motherfuck the education and drug rebilitation

I'm smokin on that weed and the green is gettin tasty

Dead feds in my closet cause they tried to chase me

November the 29th, i bust open my mommas cock

Pussy hole addicted to drinking, now i'm addicted to crack rock

So motherfuck you bitches and you snitches tryin to do me in

Police in disguises and he tries to buy peruvians

Knockin at my fuckin door, duckin and dodgin on that floor

That thinkin got you noid, got me reachin for my forty-four

Creepin up out my window pane, i smell cops

A honkey on the block, drop to my knee, i took a shot

I seen him drop, one time this ain't the place for that

Since he's a fed, i took off his face for that

That shit that he tried to pull

You know he couldn't get away with this

Bitch i'm a time bomb time, so don't you play with this

Fuck being indicted, don't you try it that's the fuckin story

Cops roll to the cemetary, all snitches to my laboratory

I'm fittin to stir it, rock it up, so where's my silver spoon

I put my yea out on the block, and all you hear is boom

This is my set, so you can jet, or get that sweater wet

A fed is bloody, he's been wounded by a fucking tech

Rat tat to the tat tat, i'm a take him out of his memory

For ridin my nuts and tryin to stick me with delivery

Loose lips, sink ships, boy this is do or die

This is a letter from shoestring to the f.b.i.

Backstabbers gone, so i guess you dirty cops are clean

You took a father from their family, motherfuck their dreams

Is what you said, so motherfucking bitch ass fed

I want you dead, i'm going to pump your ass full of lead

Let's make a deal, this shit is real, ill

I pack my steel, you let him go

Then we can let you live, you made that switch

And now it's time to kill you bitch

Give you an overdose of bullets, and put you in a ditch

Drug dealers and fed killers, lets get united

Boom holes on them hoes, green fuck being indicted

Motherfuck the f.b.i., bitches i'm prepared to die

Up on my tip, cause i won't slang his drug supply

Jail ain't never scared me none, fuck the feds and vice cops too

Distribution of cocaine, is that all y'all can come with dude

Bitches betta think fast, find yourself a better snitch

Cause that bitch you got smoke rocks

So that mean her word ain't shit

If i get some prison time, give me mine, cause i ain't fake

Since my click don't snitch

When i get out all my connections straight

The journal keeps my name in lights, entrapment to the third degree

Before my trial can come, the newspaper want to sentence me

Bitch bootlegs prepared to go, you'll never get this chance again

Gotta call my auntie, they want your nephew in the pen

Bitch we ain't no kin, fuck that smilin i ain't in that mood

Bring in the indictment papers, eatin all of my grandmother's food

Bitch you know that's rude, attitude is to the third degree

Send me to penetentiary, come out that bitch a straight up g

Never been a busta, always been a hustla

Sellin yea, came up bustin caps

So we could deal this dime out where i stay

Out to make my pay, and sellin yea the only way i know

Fiends around the block, soon as i open up my rock house door

Gotta make some more, i'm droppin weight on that digital scale

More popular than taco bell, taco shells, we're making sells

Motherfuckin bitch, i want a key, give me that uncut raw

Shit up in your jar, the best cocaine these crackheads ever saw

Your momma's eyes are big again, everytime she smokes

She plots, since i wouldn't give her no rock

She sending the federal government in my spot

Conspiracy and distribution, drop some grip so i can fight it

Free again to sell dope, bitch fuck being indicted

F.b.i. /

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