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You Meant The World To Me

(Taylor Dayne, Ric Wake)

Didn't really want to say good-bye

I was torn between love and pride

You kissed the child in me

Went and brought about a lady

Lovin times always seen to change

I guess I'm a part to blame

We lost our eye to eye

Day and night I only cry

Well your pushing got the best of me

A time I'd thought I'd never leave

Lift the hands that had a hold on me

Now tis time to breathe

Cause you meant the world to me

But I had other needs

To be the girl of someone's eye

And not a type that you could love and hide

Cause you had to take control

So I just had to go

I'm sorry how it had to be

But you meant the world to me

The love you gave blinded me

So disguised I couldn't see

You eyes seemed so sincere

I didn't notice any trouble there

But you went and turned your love on me

Only wanted me lock and key

Didn't understand my thoughts and ways

Pretty soon you said I'd changed


You meant the world to me

You meant the world

People tell you stand by your man

If it's love through thick and thin

But you wouldn't go and let it be

So now it's time for me, yeah


Тейлор Дейн

You Meant The World To Me / Тейлор Дейн

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