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As Far As They Know

Things are getting harder

For me and my step partner

To keep this thing we got

On the low unless we stop

They're trying to be in our business

But still they haven't witnessed

The type of love that we share

Cause we won't show it while they're there

1 - Let's keep this thing between me and you

They don't have to know

What you and I decide to do

Keep it on the low, and

Every night you come on through

No one seems to have a clue

About the things that we do

2 - As far as they know

You and I we just be

Always hanging out so frequently

As far as they know

You my play bro

And being good friends is all that they know

As far as they know

Me and you we just fool

They don't even know that you really are my boo

As far as they know

As far as they know

You and I we just real tight, aiight

Me and my step partner

Have kept it on the down low so far

So many times I've slipped up

Almost let my girls know what's up

So I gotta make sure no one else around

So we can get down when you come around

Don't want them around our way

Keep this thing between you and me

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

We have a secret love affair

And no one even knows

That the feeling's there

This is so exciting

That it's our thing

And no one can hate or take

What we

As Far As They Know /

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