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Blackbird, why you wearing that frown?

Don't you know Jesus loves you and me and the preacher on T.V. you're putting


Blackbird, how I love to hear your songs

I could spend all of my time in the shade of the trees and listen all day long


But you're ever hearing, never understanding

Ever seeing, not perceiving and your heart has grown callous

You're in a storm and lost your way

Won't you fly to heaven and be saved today

Blackbird, now you've broken your wing

You try to fly to high but you know that you can't go anywhere, can't do


Blackbird, who put you in your cage?

Tell me was it God or was it you?

Was it me? I guess it don't matter anyway



You say you need a remedy for the thorn in your pride

I think it's such a tragedy

That you have left him behind

You say you'd light your candle

But your love light doen't shine

You say you talk to angels

Well I say it's such a lie


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