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Beyond Infinite Affections

4:11) (A. Cordes)

Mr. Wonderful you, you're thinkin' about life. You're thinkin'

'bout love, you're thinkin' 'bout the ways to break it down... You

got 18 myths and 5 different ways into the mind. But you're lookin'

for the verbs and nouns... Po' you, watcha wanna do, switch rooms?

And walk around space with your black and blue balloons. No, from

what I hear, you used to dance in the face of fear... And now

you're running from the monkey on the moon... It's 12 o'clock, what

makes a difference in the tides. Exploding paths to dismay, and if

so I'll never catch you with the runaround Sue. Playin' Peek-a-boo

with ribbon in your fro... Hell no. If I was to lie, if I was to

cheat. Would you sue me with a flower in my hand. I guess beyond

infinite affections remain all the reasons the hate still exists.

Understand... (Chorus) Beyond infinite affections. Beyond infinite

affections. Immaculate pains that cultivated in the South. The

thought alone to slip a mickey to the mouse. Makes you wonder what

kinda force is that my religion screams "Punk what you lookin' at".

I thought the voices could have sounded kinda odd... So I quest the

me that said I wasn't into God. I was yellin' screamin' where is

the demon. But that's the kinda vibe that sort of blends the fog...

I dig the norm skip around metaphors. But I was too through not to

open other doors... I wa six plus two, eight plus five. Now it's

intense I could experience the vibe... Whatever it takes to fix the

tweaks in the speech. If ever I could stop believin' Mr. Man. Then

beyond infinite affections sit these excuses for all these lies.

Understand... (Chorus) Do you love me... No. Could you love me...

No. Would you try to love me... No. Then I don't think you

understand. Breaka one breaka two, tell me what to do. The room's

full check your psyche or get another spoonful. Caress the silk

lines until it turns pink. Another link that wants to push you to

the brink. If only distance likes to leave you in the clouds, and

fear was merely created by man. Then beyond infinite affections

exists nothing, and nothing understands... (Chorus

Beyond Infinite Affections /

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