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Nine Miles From Home

Pictures of grey, they fade in black

I'm running through the flowers of dust

The breathing walls comes like snow

I thought it was you, or was it just a picture

I'm falling again, I'm falling to the last chamber

So here it is these walls of glass

To release our sins, I'm riding on

Try to find the passage back to you

Why am I alone again

I see that there's no time to ask you why

I'm stranded nine miles from home

Can't find it

Remembering how they always told you, have some fun

But I could not feel, maybe I just carried on

So don't walk with me, feel the pain that tears inside you

Let the engine blow and don't look sideways

It makes me vomit

So I try to breathe just one more time

I see the raven's landing now

These pictures they are calling for death

I'm waiting for the sun to appear

To show the world how it really looks

I'm stranded nine miles from home


From Home


I try to breathe...

Nine Miles From Home /

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