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White Zombie

I don't believe a word you say

It will carry me towards a rising hell

I see no future there

All I see is faces that is laughing at me

So take this picture

And throw it away in the wind

So you can leave me here

With the vulture's all around

Feelings of love and hate

Feelings that I can't relate

Should I cry or should I die

Kill the day, kill the night

Will I never ever do something right

I'm stuck in here with my nightmare

Everything was happening so fast

Though it seems like 15 years

You came in front of me

But I never thought you came from the dead

Leave me and take those eyes

Away from me, away from all my tears

So act like you used to do

A living cold machine from hell

Calling the white zombie

Kissing the white zombie

Loving the white zombie

So love, ooh love it

It's not against me and you

It's just the fear in bloom

The jealousy's blood killed our lives

The lies you made will never fade

Vengeance's not a too easy word

To explain what we had or caused our death

Hit by the white zombie

Raped by the white zombie

So kill the white zombie

So kill, kill it now, and kill before it kills you

Kill it now because you couldn't hurt me more


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