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Feelings of an ocean in pain

Dreams of wars I can not explain

I thought about the ancient blood

I watched the frozen pictures from our God

The 10 commandments are they so real?

You shall not murder, you shall not steal

Jesus Christ they wrapped in chains

Ancestors of the ghost of Cain

Witches convicted to burn in flames

The inquisition played their holy games

The crusaders with their cross of the dead

A machine gun etiquette is the head

I can't go on, I'm falling from you

I can't go on, feels like I'm losing ground

I can't go on, tearing all our lives apart

I can't go on bowing to your God

With one foot in the new millennium

The other buried in sanctum sanctorum

Frightening shadows of history

Holy wars, the holocaust nothing but misery

The words are venomous disguised to thrill

Should the image of God destroy, rape and kill?

I won't bow to a killer in disguise

I won't bow to a xenophobic agitator

I won't bow to the churches or the priests

I won't bow to the Lord of Lies

The Lord of Lies

A killer in disguise

The Lord of Lies

A killer in disguise

Jesus Christ

An erotic sacrifice

Xenophobia /

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