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Last Rites

He watches from a dull old thousand land

Over the smoke and over corpse's mirrors

As the whispers of sadness if he should forget it all

And kill as they want to cause the effect

Rage and ravage, exterminate and kill on the road to sorrow

He took the mourning train to watch the sun go down

Bodies floating over the messiah never returned

And bodies floating over Europe blood is all around

Watches from a pale and bitter face

What went wrong

Watches from a pale and bitter face

These last rites

Conjuring to the time to hold on for a second

An ancient gallery of memories flows up into his mind

A picture of his mother as she kisses him goodbye

The day he marched away to finally be a man

This world of fireworks and guns of insanity

There'll be no such things as saints and martyrs

Engine calling on the electric way, laughing corpses

This is not his country, or religion

He shouldn't be there at all

Purgatory's closing in

Last Rites /

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