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Remember how to live in the dark

Still remember snowflakes in my throat

I was dragged in, who dragged me out

How was I supposed to get it through

I can still wake up frightened

Afraid of going back

God I'm so glad it's over

Who has the faith in me

I thought I had the size of the ocean

I didn't know I was just a pond

I took the keys, I took the truth

Just for going down and watch Lucifer smile

And the light was guarding me

Through the gates so open and wide for me

I could watch the flowers, I could watch the sun

These things that has been held for me so blind

And I looked at my shadow who lived in vain

I tore it apart, I threw it away

And finally I had reached the dawn

Finally I could seize the day, but

These days were covered in black

Black curtains of suicide

As I thought my time was over

I saw the eyes of faith

Faith /

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