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Face The New World

I watch a world under siege

I watch a world out of relief

The twisted bodies of our youth

Taste the shame of their own blood

The age of wrath, we're all doomed to die

But justice is far from our hands

I don't know what they're trying to prove

Hate your neighbour if he's not like you

I could stand here just for the night

I could watch the children cry

Burning houses, empty rooms

Face the new world

A young sweet girl is going to bed

She's anxious 'cause she's not going alone

Her own father wants to feel her

Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex!

It's not sex, it's not love, it's awful waste

She will never feel the love to a man

His incestuous addiction destroys her life

It's not a fiction, it's everywhere

Take me out of this place, out of this hate

The Chaos surrounds us hour by hour

If the world is Charon then what is hell?

Come to me

Come and see

Come to me

This path is long, an eternal inferno

Who gives the right to take a life in one's hands

If you don't have the knowledge

To resurrect one from the dead

You should not be so eager to deal death sentences

While they're killing themselves on the Balkan

For country, for colours, for religion

We're all the same

We're all the same

If God exists, well is he proud of this?

Face The New World /

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