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 Dawn of Dreams Dawn of Dreamsрок-группа


At your side - I never died

My Eidolon - so hold me tight

With trust in you my hope shall live

And bring me through my endless dream

Created of same blood and flesh

Drank your wine and ate you bread

On your cross you left me here

And filled my heart with darkest fear

I never hoped

I never did

I desired the endless sleep

Never lost my trust in hopes

That have grown within my heart

I always wished

My life would end - where...

...light and dark go hand in hand

How I'm scared 'bout what I intend

Please embrace me now forever

In my mind - I lived a lie

About a God - who held me tight

With trust in him my hope it died

And truth was burnt into my eyes.

Dawn of Dreams

Eidolon / Dawn of Dreams

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