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Malediction Murder

Who is this, trapped inside of me?

An unfamiliar, violent breed

Raping innocens, vestal mutilation

Razor seduction, slicing devastation

My body twist and turn from the agony

My lungs scream as the air is drained

And with the scars as my witness

My armes are maimed

Carnal betrayal, flesh abuse

Bloodloss... And my minds confused

Torn between decisions

Made between incisions

Malediction murder

Suicidal law

Afflictions choir

I draw the shortest straw

But suddenly I came to clarity

About the black beast inside of me

Contored through submission

It took life to a higher position

I've felt the black light

Shining with strongest might

Guiding to the homicidal paths

And to unleash ungodly wrath

I've seen the black light

Blinding with strongest might

Showing me the homicidal way

As I slowly become its slave

...The Price All Must Pay

There must be no mercy for the

insignificant and weak

It's no tragedy that all this misery must

be cleansed through me

Malediction murder

Homicidal law

Afflictions choir

You'll draw the shortest straw

Malediction murder

Genocidal law

Afflictions choir

Man will draw the shortest straw

When it all crashes down

Death is triumphant and wears its crown

And my work is done

Suicidal law... Yet I have won

Malediction Murder /

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