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Sex and Music

from Underneath


There's no sense in talking about music,

but talking of sex can be done

The abstraction of music's confusing;

the directness of sex is more fun

And the road that will take you to both of them is known for its races and wrecks,

so there's less of a mystery in music if we get some directions from sex

It's too easy to stop st the surface

when spirit and flesh are willing

In sex, as also in music,

there are layers and levels of thrilling

So you've got to be honest and caring,

you have to be humble and real

but you've got to be fearless and daring,

and find all the truth you can feel

sacred ground

The big machine is moving

sacred ground

We're standing in the way

sacred ground

They want to pave it over

sacred ground

Make it all the same

At first you say you'll do it for love,

but then you do it with friends

but as soon as you do it for money,

right there's where the innocence ends.

For how will you navigate better and worse

with just numbers of people to count?

See, the pop charts are just cutting notches

for the number of units you mount

And when spirit gets lost in accounting,

the counting takes its toll.

You find yourself craving more numbers;

it's the sex-drug of rock and roll.

And it leads you to strange addictions

like image and marketing spin

You're just trying to get them to like you,

and how could that be such a sin?


Well what do you want them to like you for,

that's the question to ask

Would it help you if everyone knew your face,

if that face were only a mask?

And why do you want them to like you,-acapo

Sex and Music /

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