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So we raced each other downhill on the sidewalk

And we raised each other, two against the world

And we promised not to bow, we made a solumn vow

To keep our Independence flags unfurled

So when the battles of the spirit left us stranded

Each went hiding in our separate ways

Ah, but carrying a candle to keep the fire burning

To find us here in brighter days


Someday Soon made a promise I will follow

Someday Soon is why I try

Someday Soon told me: "Take this cup of

Empty hope up to the well that's dry

Where there's just enough of Someday Soon to satisfy"

You have done all the adventures I have dreamed of

And I have run a different path but just as fine

Ah, but both of us have missed, we haven't closed

The distance on the destination peace of mind

For it seems as if it's always half together

There is no happy-ever-after magic wand

The lightning pulls the thunder, the distance

Pulls the wonder that calls us farther on


Now if heaven is perfection

I'll get my deepest questions answered

Like a child tears into presents

To a Christmas tune

But in that big hall, let there be a

Bright red ribbon that stays

Wrapped around the mystery

Of Someday Soon


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