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Golden Day

Was golden day November a one long year ago

I came to stay the holiday into your mountain home

I came to share your friendship and sing those fireside songs

I'd like to say I'm sorry for what the year has done

I told you of a distant love, I did not know so well

I could not say I loved her, but surely time would tell

But you and I together and her so far away

Our love that night by firelight we did not have to say

So time will tell a story and time will tell a lie

I never said I'm sorry, I never said goodbye

The love for you was in me, the tear was in your eye

The silence grew around the wound that tore your heart and mine

So now the year is cold again and memory is warm

I came to stay the holiday just one long year ago

I think about your kindness and what the time has done

It's time I said I'm sorry and thank you for your love

Golden Day /

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