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Дэвид Сильвиан Дэвид СильвианПевец, композитор, музыкант


It seems that i remember

I dreamed a thousand dreams

We'd face the days together

No matter what they'd bring

A strength inside like i'd never known

Opened the door to life and let it go

This sun may shine forever

Upon the back of love

A kingdom raised from ashes

And held within your arms

And should the rain break through the trees

We'll find a shelter there and never leave

I'll run to you, nothing stands between us now

Nothing i can lose

This light inside can never die

Another world just made for two

I'll swim the seas inside with you

And like the waves, without a sound

I'll never let you down

Upon a wave of summer

A hilltop paved with gold

We shut our eyes and made

The promises we hold

A will to guide and see us through

I'd do it all again because of you

I'd tear my very soul to make you mine

Дэвид Сильвиан

Wave / Дэвид Сильвиан

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