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World Of A King

David Mead---World Of A King

So a man and a woman forked at a baby

The prince of dysfunction boy on a string

From a suburban palace he walked out to freedom

Enslaved to a concept in the world of a king

And baby's love he's smoking in a peacoat

A ship on the ocean bird on a wind

With a poem and soul written in his honor

There's a concrete assumption in the world of a king

A guitar and a girlfriend, just off the turnpike

Yeah, the foundtain of ego learned how to sing

But the truth shall engage him with heartbreak and cold cots

In an unguarded moment in the world of a king

And baby's gone, she's dancing on a big stage

With a tear and a tutu

The phone never rings

And he can't go on, he's banging on a keyboard

There's an E-mail to Jesus from the world of a king

I took a moment to remember a moonlit night

Conversation by the candlelight was free

Never trying to please yourself

Never happy with nobody else but me

So a man and a woman...

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