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Дэвид Ли Дэвид Ли американский волейболист, участник Олимпиады 2008

Your Filthy Little Mouth

I know that everything in America

Must end with a kiss

But all of your addictions

Won't make me a prince

Guys gotta see it

Girls just love to hear

Then lend me your ear

She needed classical music

Or she couldn't make love at all

And I was up there frequently

And bringin' down the walls

Drop dead bombshell

Clean-cut classy gal

She was a good pal

And if you turned up the volume

You could hear the demons call

"Fuck me like Chopin

Or don't fuck me at all

Tell me what you want

And I'll take the scenic route

Tell me what you want

With Your Filthy Little Mouth

How bout a little Henry Miller

With your Huckleberry Finn

Assume the position, honey

Let's begin

You can do your penance

Right along with that special sin

And it's gotta be good

If we both want it so bad

Make you wanna sell your soul

Or maybe you already have

Call me sweet lordy, high-master Jesus

Tell me that you want it

Right where you're breathin'

Just let go

Дэвид Ли

Your Filthy Little Mouth / Дэвид Ли

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