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Дэвид Ли Дэвид Ли американский волейболист, участник Олимпиады 2008


From new york city to east L.A.

Touchdown miami

Philadelphia, P.A.

Look out your window

Hang up the phone

Honey, run tell everyone

That band is on the radio

So if you gonna wear my t-shirt

Gotta make the choice

Jump on daddy's speakers

You will feel my voice

Jump back with your heart attack

I'm what my daddy said i'd never be

So tell the folks at home

I'm making history

`cause this band is tight

And we can rock all night

Yeah so damn tight


They're on the T.V., the stereo

They're on the internet

Man, that band can really go.

Right from the apple

To east L.A.

Touchdown Miami

Philadelphia, P.A.

No, it doesn't get much better

I was a face in the mob

So if you're lookin' for adventure

You should try my job-

And all those rock `n' rollers

I used to wanna meet?

Now they're pushing strollers

And wanna be me...

Дэвид Ли

Tight / Дэвид Ли

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