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Дэвид Ли Дэвид Ли американский волейболист, участник Олимпиады 2008


When the fire burns

'Neath a zombie moon

Ya feel the winds of chang

Oh the drums will tell the tune

And you know it's true

Can ya feel the geat

Of the setting sun

Burning up the streets

This beat has got mixed blood

And I know it too

But now her mama's got hte eyes

Like she's workin' on a heart attack

A fella never can tell

And I'm about to go bananas

With the "when ya comin' bcack?"

So we're hittin' the road

And we're pumpin' thunder

Mama look out for down below

Get the show on the road

I's the feeling we're under

You can feel it right down




One of these dark nights

Asthe saying goes

There's some dirty work

To be done down by the crossroads

Ans I know it's true

Ain't no use waitin'

For your invitation

King Kong never had it so clean

We'll do the Fat Cat Shake

We'll have our cake and eat it too

You coukd never, no, no, no, never, beat this squeeze!

Because we're hittin0 the road

And we're punpi' thunder

Mama look out for down below

Get the show on the road

It's rally no wonder

You can feel it right down




Must be the heat

Stop dreamin' and start drivin', Stevie

(Repeat chorus).

Дэвид Ли

Knucklebones / Дэвид Ли

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