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Дэвид Ли Дэвид Ли американский волейболист, участник Олимпиады 2008

King Of The Hill

Knock, knock

Daddy's home

Out where the west begins

That's where we're goin'

Power slide ain't ya heard?

How fast you're willin'

To go into a curve

500 horses and a chrysler mill

Makes me king of the hill

Guns and guitars

Bikinis and fast cars

Slide behind the wheel


Back and forth

Back and forth

Back and forth


Upside down

I'm normally insolvent

It shouldn't cause a problem

With my hot pursuits

Why don't you shut up

Get in my pick-up

Hey were's your get up and go?

Дэвид Ли

King Of The Hill / Дэвид Ли

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