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Дэвид Ли Дэвид Ли американский волейболист, участник Олимпиады 2008

Coconut Grove

It's really true how nothin' matters

No mad, mad world and no mad hatters

Noone's pitchin' cause there ain't no batters

In Coconut Groove

Don't bar the door, there's no one comin'

The ocean's roar will dull the drummin'

Of any city thoughts and city ways

The ocean breezes cool my mind

The salty days are hers and mine

To do what we wanna

Tonight we'll find a dune that's ours

And softly she will speak the stars

Until sunup

It's all from havin' someone knowin'

Just which way your head is goin'

Who's always warm, like in the mornin'

In Coconut Groove

Дэвид Ли

Coconut Grove / Дэвид Ли

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