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Means Of Survival

I said hey - how can you justify the need

I said wait - how could you see but not believe?

How could you leave - walking away on denial

I said hey - can you justify your greed?

Do you think - hearts like mine don4t bleed?

I4m on my way - another day

Consumed before arrival

For sins such as these the shadows are long

A heart must believe and a heart must be strong

But with friends such as these

Maybe I have the means of survival

You say ""Hey - I can4t go on with you this way""

I agree - Baby something had to change

I4m on my way - no ride is free

Fighting for survival

What kind of jealousies brought darkness to you?

So many damaged by the evil you do

I4m on my way - yeah yeah

I4m on my way

For sins such as these

The shadows are long

A heart that can grieve

Is a heart that is strong

With friends I believe

Maybe I4ve found the means of survival

Means Of Survival /

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