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Youre Everything

You're everything

I could want

That I could need

If I could see

You want me

Could I believe?

'Cause You're perfectly

All I want, all I need

If I could just feel You're touch

Could I be free?

Why do You shine so?

Can a blind man see?

Why do You call?

Do You beckon me?

Can the dear hear the voice of love?

Would You have me come?

Can the cripple run?

Are You the one?


To raise me up

From this grave

Touch my tongue

And then I'll sing

Heal my limbs

Then joyfully I'll run to You [2x]


'Cause You're everything [4x]

And I'm alive and I'll sing

And I'm alive and I'm free [6x]

Youre Everything /

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