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She Only Sleeps

(David Byrne)

She might dance all night

In a topless bar

Fool around, go too far

But I don't mind

You see things are not what they appear

'Cause she only sleeps with me.

She might drink a bit

Lose her way

Crash the car

But come out OK

And my friends might laugh

But they only know what they can see

And she only sleeps with me

Nights on Times Square

Live and on stage

High heels

She feels

That she's dancin' for me

And the little bird

Flies from tree to tree

To the highest branch

Where she thinks she's free

She can have it all

That's the reason you wouldn't believe

That she only sleeps with me

There's a porno book

In the library

Nothin' ever goes

Were it shouldn't be

And the world is queer

And the human is strangest of all

And she only sleeps, yeah, she only sleeps

Yeah, she only sleeps with me

Дэвид Бирн

She Only Sleeps / Дэвид Бирн

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