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The Dreaming Tree

Standing here

The old man said to me

"Long before these crowded streets

Here stood my dreaming tree"

Below it he would sit

For hours at a time

Now progress takes away

What forever took to find

Now he's falling hard

He feels the falling dark

How he longs to be

Beneath his dreaming tree

Conquered fear to climb

A moment froze in time

When the girl who first he kissed

Promised him she'd be his

Remembered mother's words

There beneath the tree

"No matter what the world

You'll always be my baby"

Mommy come quick

The dreaming tree has died

The air is growing thick

A fear he cannot hide

The dreaming tree has died

Oh have you no pity

This thing I do

I do not deny it

All through this smile

As crooked as danger

I do not deny

I know in my mind

I would leave you now

If I had the strength to

I would leave you up

To your own devices

Will you not talk

Can you take pity

I don't ask much

But won't you speak


From the start

She knew she had it made

Easy up 'til then

For sure she'd make the grade

Adorers came in hordes

To lay down in her wake

She gave it all she had

But treasures slowly fade

Now she's falling hard

She feels the fall of dark

How did this fall apart

She drinks to fill it up

A smile of sweetest flowers

Wilted so and soured

Black tears stain the cheeks

That once were so admired

She thinks when she was small

There on her father's knee

How he had promised her

"You'll always be my baby"

"Daddy come quick

The dreaming tree has died

I can't find my way home

There is no place to hide

The dreaming tree has died"

Oh if I had the strength...

Take me back

Save me please

Dave Matthews Band

The Dreaming Tree / Dave Matthews Band

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