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Raven (Another Version)

Lies and reason you give

Too much is not enough

Leave, what you see leave alone

Someone else to go

Romance holds you to tea, yeah

Sip it like you're typical

My love is what you make of it

Brothers and sisters, it's not enough...

Not enough

Talk, call, talking of leading the way

Won't ya give any lie?

Of all the ways

Won't ya lie with me?

Man, I've no Raven to see here

Flies the blackest way

What you give when you get nothing

Is everything you give

All been tossed away

Read, light your morning candles

Make your way

All wise men today grieve

It knows no better thing

All I leave here, a way to send you all down, down, down

All my worries is where the girl will be found, found, found

All my worries of all those things that I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed

All I leave is, I have to say

It's nothing more than my point of view

It's hard and cold tonight

You're warming by a fire

Oh, sweet juice

Drink tonight

Take me while I'm out

No, no Raven to see here

It imitates beauty well

Black bird from a dark Heaven

Oh, won't you keep living a lie

All God tossed away

Read while you know

You know things fade to grey

Oh, what came of grace

Oh, the morning and the rain

All my worries warn enough to roam, roam, roam

Fade away here, the girl will go round and round and round

Hey, love...

What was the greatest thing you

Moments in the cold rain

Here to say there's nothing great that you wouldn't do

Fly, Raven...

Won't you guide me?

Oh, what's the reason?

Won't you guide me?

Wait, now, what is the Raven?

Won't you come to me?

What you did with the same grace at all

Won't you keep living a lie

All been tossed away

Read all you'll have ever known

I believe

All I know today

Read all to believe

Dave Matthews Band

Raven (Another Version) / Dave Matthews Band

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