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How Many More

How many more nails

you gunna drive through my heart

It was different from the...

How many more knives into my back, Jack

How many more broken hearts

can you stand through all the rain

How many more nails

you drive into my heart

How many more, baby

Haw many more times tried,

oh, oh, oh

How many more, baby

Will you go and leave me alone,

leave me alone...

How many more times you like me to beg you,

to leave e behind, oh

How many more nails, baby

will you drive into my heart, baby

How many more days

you drive in

how many more times

you fill me with life

How many more hours

must I wait at night

for you to walk back through the door, baby

How many more nails

How many more knives through the back

Oh, How many more nights......

Dave Matthews Band

How Many More / Dave Matthews Band

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