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Deed Is Done

yeah God

oh here I am

down on my knees

at you I'm staring

oh, and God

I've got a prayer

and I prayed aloud

but you can't hear

oh, and why would you

oh, forgiving one

oh, and all good

from far beyond

oh, little girl

with cancer eating

steal her young soul

when mine is bleeding

but the thing is done

the girl yellow and weeping

it's no fun

and now its steep God, steep God

but you know

your time is gone

and my faith is done

and the deed is done

and the girl is gone

and the deed is done

and the girl is gone

and the deed is done

up from the ashes of man's hate

come so happy

lead it away

yeah from the ashes

of man's disgrace

come my soul happy

lead it away

well you may find your religion

you may find your passion

but it's done

the little girl is gone

well explain your religion

you can explain your passion

but God

oh, my girl is gone

stolen from

oh yeah


Dave Matthews Band

Deed Is Done / Dave Matthews Band

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