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One Woman Man

It's so funny runnin' into you

It has to be three years

Since we last seen each other

Many flashbacks come to mind

Of the wild and crazy times

We used to have with one another

We absolutely didn't care

We would do it anywhere

Eye contact, and it was over

But that's when i was wildin' out

I couldn't care less about

Someone gettin' hurt

I've done my share of dirt

But i done wised up

1 - seein' you reminds me of

All the nights i used to beat it up

I would do it again, but i can't

Cuz everything is different now

I finally have settled down

And became a one woman man


There were many others after you

Quite a few one night stands

Some of their names i can't remember

Imagine wakin' up to someone new

You barely even knew

Time and time again

But there's someone for everyone

I've been blessed to find that one

Who makes me feel like no other

You are lookin' good as hell

But i can't go home with you

Because i'm goin' home to her

Repeat 1

Long gone, are the days

When i ran the streets

Tryin' to get laid

Ooh, and now

(see now that i found the love of my life)

(i don't have to trick no more)

Girl, it was nice seein' you

But i gotta go home to my baby

Repeat 1 to fade

One Woman Man /

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