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In The Opium Of Black Veil

I think that life is not only this touchable, fugitive

Which, though so beautyfull, passes away so quickly

You used to stand behind me, I felt warm touch, heat, passion

I looked back to embrace you

And I saw hot purple, garden in bloom

Woman with a secret flower in hair

Every day with her was a secret unknown for me

And when I saw her scarlet flower in her hair

And a raven in the sky

I thought the raven is only a bad sign

And when you danced among the flowers, high grass, bloomy meadows

I rised to the sky to blow away stormy clouds

Watching her warming up in imagined flames

I saw as she flew up in the night - as a bird

I fly up into the abbys of the air

And I hear the voice of the woman, so warm, so close, so painful

I dream you stand behind me, I feel warm touch, heat, passion

I look back to embrace you and I see

Icy blackness, deadly nothing


In The Opium Of Black Veil / Darzamat

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